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Lucy-Leigh was born in the East End of London and has been singing and performing since the age of 4 in a variety of shows. She is one of the finest female vocalists on the circuit today.

Inspired by Dolly Parton, Lucy-Leigh has always had a passion for singing country music in addition to, she sings songs that range from old time hits to today’s modern chart busters and she always brings her amazing personality to the performance.

This beautiful young lady is one of the greatest country singers on the scene and is a well rounded, versatile singer, who is able to provide all styles of music.

Lucy-Leigh is a first class act, who has had many years of experience in producing various shows, and singing around the UK and Southern Ireland. Take the elements of having a great rapport with the audience, a fantastic smile, and natural rhythm and you have the ability and magic that is evident in all her live performances.

This young lady has a personality that brings happiness and laughter to everyone whether you are at the performance or not.

You will smile, have a fun and most importantly remember Lucy-Leigh.