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Look at what they are saying about Lucy Leigh . . .

Lucy Leigh Smiles

Lucy Leigh is a brilliant singer i really enjoy what she does every time. . .

Rex Smaller, Suffolk

Lucy-Leigh you are amazing!! I think you are such an inspiration to all the young country and western singers out there!! Your great!!

Tony Nicholls

Hi Girl, your songs are great, your voice is beautiful, come on girl you can make your dreams come true!


Hey if you haven’t seen this young lady singing then you need to! If you want pure country sounds or any other style of music, this is your girl! Fantastic Lucy-Leigh, keep up the good work

Caroline and Ben x

Brilliant Night!!  Well what can I say apart from what a brilliant night we had last night with Lucy-Leigh. You made it a great night and thank you for that. I would just like to wish you luck throughout the year.

Thank you from Pete and us all at Country Sounds C.M.C Kent.

Hi Lucy-Leigh, nice meeting you in Scunthorpe. You look and sound amazing! 

Darren and Don – Clear Cut

Hey Lucy-Leigh, you rock! Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you live and on your new album. You are gonna make it big time!

Vic x

 We had never seen Lucy-Leigh before, but what a fantastic night we all had. She entertained us all night and we thoroughly enjoyed it so much and can’t wait to see her again. The dance floor was filled all night, she just has the ability that makes you feel like you are at a party.This beautiful young lady is definitely worth seeing if you get the chance. Hurry back Lucy-Leigh, we will be there, that’s a promise.
Rose and Mick

It was the 1st time we had seen Lucy-Leigh, she was a new-comer to the club.  From the time she started singing I couldn’t take my eyes off her, I couldn’t believe my ears. Her performance was outstanding! I now visit her website so I know where she is performing next.I even danced as the love, warmth and entertainment she gave was 1st class. It really was an excellent night, can’t wait to see you again.
Lee and Donna
The stage seems to come alive when Lucy-Leigh is singing and entertaining. She is a pleasure to watch and the dance floor was packed all night. I am not usually a Country music fan, but I will definitely go and see her again. I find myself checking her gig list regularly. Through Lucy-Leigh my passion for Country music is growing. I will be getting her new C.D the minute she has recorded it.Cheers….

Tom and Cheryl